The Projects!

Here are some of the projects I've had the privilege to work on!

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Accommodate Singapore

Accommodate aims to transform knowledge into meaning through novel learning experiences for a more sustainable future. The core of Accommodate is a land-use simulation game where participants role play as ministry officers to redevelop Singapore's land.

Lead the way to create, host and manage their website. Developed and Design on the Wordpress Platform.

Check the live website

Project RthaurG (Rthaur Gamers)

As one of the many dreams I’ve had, Building a successful gaming community was one of them. Hence began my journey to build up RthaurG. During my time here... I have learnt many things. As this was a gaming community, I managed the servers, ensuring that they had ran smoothly without any huge flaws or bugs. This has helped me build up my skills when handling Linux distros. Furthermore, I have learnt a great deal of management skills and tips, and a bundle of knowledge from handling and dealing with troublesome players.

Managed over 80 voluntary staff members, Designed, Developed and Configured website & forums. Inclusive of handling server operations & member feedbacks.

Website Indiegogo Campaign

Project Red Dot Gaming

Red Dot Gaming is the very attempt of dedication and sole passion, to kickstart the love for game-servers lacking in the APAC region. RDG is a gaming community that intends to spread good-will and awareness, and to also support the growth of community based game servers.

Here, I manage the internal resources of the community, along with volunteers who apply willingly to help moderate the game servers. I also make sure the website, game-servers and overall services do not have any downtime, flaws or optimization issues. Keeping the players engaged with our customized content.

Gun Commands

Gun commands is a server plugin built to help players spawn in weapons with a shop based system in the popular multiplayer online game CS:GO. The plugin was built in according and modified heavily for RthaurG and Red Dot Gaming.

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RGN Plugin - Firefox Plugin

Generates numbers, decimals or a password for you. Within a small and responsive extension popup! Quit visiting a password or number generator website when you can do it here!. A simple firefox plugin for my very much needed password generation when creating new accounts for different platforms.

Built with Javascript

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Kill the Static

Bootstrap-themed, Simplisitc and 'Rock' themed design for a local band based in the heart of Singapore.


Calculator Python

Calculator Python is a github project to teach people who have zero knowledge in programming the basics and foundations of programming in Python. We should help others grow too!

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Bootstrap 3 - My first published website

Bootstrap themed website built for myself to help me understand and learn BootStrap 3, and the basics of web development and design! Used to showcase my different projects and interests to apply for the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE)


Bootstrap 4 - My second published website

This website was built for my diploma plus assignment (Web Design and Development), coded from scratch, mobile-responsive and working!

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WEB ePortfolio Project

Built for a school assignment, we were tasked to develop and design a ASP.NET website for students, mentors and parents to access this website to gain information and manage student's and their portfolios.

Built with C# ASP.NET Web Forms

Get it here

Wonders of the world

Built for a school assignment, this website allows the user to look at this website and get information about the different world wonders.

CodeXTreme 2018 24hr Hackathon

Designed for the longest standing 24hr Hackathon in Singapore... CodeXtreme! We chose to hack in the challenge statement... AI solutions. Designed with Adobe XD, we presented our prototype!

Project Fosterships

Project Fosterships is an idea to help foster worthwhile relationships with groups of people who attend camp/events by breaking the ice while promoting a sense of belonging amongst themselves

Built with Java & Ruby on Rails (Mobile and Web)

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SM Tool

To initially wanting to reduce/remove duplicate posting on social media, post on a single platform and automatically let SMTool do its work!... You can post to facebook, twitter, and even Instagram from a single platform. Why bother with posting on multiple, and waste time?

Build with PHP and JS

DHL Design Concept

A simple design concept on the DHL website for one of the final UX/UI Design modules in school. Built with an audience in mind, corporate or just commerical. With a lot more than just design, user experience is key!

Built with Adobe XD and a variety of UI tools like Adobe Illustrator

Download the XD file

Summary of my experiences/projects

For all the different projects, I have learned many skills that I will always cherish and make use of in the near future. However... The most important thing I can take away is that learning how to work with many different sorts of people, be it in teams of four or individually. We've struggled as a team and succeeded as a team. All in all, I have learned to coordinate with each other and mutually make our dreams come true.

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