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About RthaurG

Welcome to RthaurG Gaming!
RthaurG is an asian CSGO community, with servers mainly based in Singapore.
We're the most popular community in Singapore, with servers ranging from Surfing and Bunnyhopping to Aim Arena and Zombie Escape!
Known for being extremely friendly , all our staff and players are dedicated to make our community grow even more.
So don't forget to join our steam group, and hit the join button on any one of our servers below to get started!

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RthaurG Server List

Please note: Server status is not fetched immediately.

Last updated : 30/7/16 2:57PM GMT 8+

Status Server IP Join
Online RthaurG Zombie Escape [2x credits] Join
Online RthaurG Jailbreak Server Join
Online RthaurG ZeddY^'s Multimod Server Join
Online RthaurG RPG Surf Server Join
Online RthaurG Bunnyhop Server 128 Tick Join
Online RthaurG 1v1 Arena #1 128 Tick Join
Online RthaurG 1v1 Arena #2 128 Tick Join
Online RthaurG AWP-Only 128 Tick Join
Online RthaurG SkillSurf Easy 85 Tick Join
Online RthaurG SkillSurf Hard 85 Tick Join
Online RthaurG KZ-Parkour 128 Tick Join


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Our team

These are the people that have worked extremely hard to maintain and push out new content for every single server. We regularly dedicate our time to fix and maintain our servers, to keep them as fun as possible! Please don't add the owners without any proper reason.

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