Brian Chew

Tech enthusiast

Profesional Profile

Computer Science student with the aspiration to build an impactful application/technology to help resolve various important problems round the globe.

Passionate about technology and making use of software development to it's fullest for the world.

Highly familiar with Cloud Computing, along with a wide variety of Server Management, Computing Networking and Programming.

My Skills
Web Development (JS, Jquery)
UX Design
OOP (C#)
Server Administration (Ubuntu)
Lines written
Cups of Coffee
Certifications to come
Pictures edited

My Portfolio

Some of the work I've done the past several years
Rthaur Gamers
a gaming community
Red Dot Gaming
a gaming community version 2.0
Guncommands plugin
Sourcemod plugin
Kill the static
KTS Website
Random Generator
Firefox plugin


My education and experience
  • Founder, Community Manager
    Red Dot Gaming | 2016 - 2017

    Red Dot Gaming is the very attempt of dedication and sole passion, to kickstart the love for game-servers lacking in the APAC region. RDG is a gaming community that intends to spread good-will and awareness, and to also support the growth of community based game servers..

  • Founder, Community Manager & Lead Developer
    Rthaur Gamers | 2014 - 2016

    As one of the many dreams I’ve had, Building a successful gaming community was one of them. Hence began my journey to build up RthaurG. During my time here... I have learnt many things. As this was a gaming community, I managed the servers, ensuring that they had ran smoothly without any huge flaws or bugs. This has helped me build up my skills when handling Linux distros. Furthermore, I have learnt a great deal of management skills and tips, and a bundle of knowledge from handling and dealing with troublesome players. .

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