My experience of China

China was a massive eye-opener for me. It has taught me not to take for granted all the small little things here in Singapore. Things like being able to study in a polytechnic or even being able to go to school in the first place.

In China, there are many differences that you’re able to straight away notice. For example, the traffic there is very scary as people rarely stop at traffic lights unless it is riddled with traffic cameras. To make things even more horrifying, at pedestrian crossings, you need to be really wary of oncoming traffic. The Chinese people also have a really easy going lifestyle. They get by every day with ease, and as long as they have what they need… they’re content and happy.

All in All, China has also impressed me with it’s mobile payment methods. Companies like Tencent and Alibaba have really increased their presence in China alone. With mobile payment QR-Codes almost everywhere in China, you can tell that everything can be easily processed with through WeChat Pay or AliPay.

The idea of having a single application to do all sorts of browsing, payment and even entertainment is absolutely amazing. Being able to compile everything onto the cloud and being able to keep up with the westernized world is simply amazing. There is no place else in the world you can find such convenience.

Image taken at Wulong

Thank you China for the amazing and unforgettable experience.

Chongqing and Chengdu!

Hello everyone, I’m here in China with my classmates and some school mates for a Immersion Programme with my school. It is day nine now and I regret not writing this blog post earlier or even daily. I’ve taken an advice from my friends to start writing down my thoughts as It will be easier to look back at it for a reflection journal/memory.

Chengdu has been an awesome experience so far, The food here is indeed spicy and delicious. It lives up to it’s name as “mala huopuo” which is also known as hotpot in chinese. We’ve gone to different restaurants each time we’re having lunch/dinner for the past few days in Chengdu. Each and every restaurant has had an awesome dish and something that has always not failed to impress my classmates and I.

I’ve also interacted with some of the Chinese people and noticed that they were really interested to know more about our culture as well as share theirs. They live very simple lives and may not be as complicated as our lives in Singapore. I believe this is mainly due to the Chinese traditions passed down for generations.

Tomorrow, we’re visiting the Xinhu national wetland park and I can’t wait to visit there! 😀

Image taken at Chengdu

Development Update 6.0 (LAST UPDATE!)

Hello everyone! It has been a great 15 weeks where I’ve learned many things through it all. For the 15 weeks. I’ve also learned how to manage the use of APIs specifically for social media. How they manage their use of APIs, and how developers like me can make use of their APIs. The steps are really simple:

  1. API platforms will make use of a API key (almost all the time)… along with some sort of authentication protocol (such as Oauth which is most commonly used). We will then make an application (if needed for that platform eg: Facebook requires you to link your FB account to FB Devs)
  2. Authorize from our application (with the API’s key in this case)
  3. Since we’re using APIs specific for social media platforms.. there will be a specific client key issued upon successful authorization from the social media platform
  4. With all the above information (client keys and API-keys for our applications from the client and the social media platform respectively)… We are able to use the information to access various parts of the social media platform.

Most of the time however, the larger social media platforms may restrict this access and may want to review every single application that is being used through their platform. One example of this is the social media giant “Facebook”. Other platforms such as snapchat entirely wish to keep it proprietary to themselves, or special cases only.

Besides only learning how to use APIs, I’ve also increased my understanding in the usage of PHP along with the basics of developing a web application.

Here’s the final demo-day material for our project

Development Update 5.0

It’s almost time for us to sumbit our work in about two weeks! We also have D-day coming soon. (Demo Day). This means we’ll be able to practice our pitching skills soon on the various lecturers.

For Dave and I, we’ve both been working on our individual side of the project. It is mainly divided into two different parts, the Front End Development and Back-End Development. Dave is constantly maintaining the website, which we’ve both use Git (BitBucket) to share our codes and make things more efficient. For this week, I have tried many different PHP Source development kits to attempt to post/GET to and from Linked-In.

Back-End Development

This week, I’ve tried countlessly to get a PHP script to run with posting to linkedIn, and a HTML form to post the data from. I’ve tried with composer to install and make sure from the server’s side that the library (for linkedIn) would work. Unfortunately, It hasn’t yet worked. I am still constantly trying to get it to work. I am sure that the codes from Twitter and Facebook would be similar to LinkedIn’s.

What’s to expect:

For this coming week, I will be trying to get to POST to LinkedIn, and attempt to integrate with Dave the front-end along with the back-end. For example, We would need to ensure and write a simple script to check which checkboxes are ticked. In order to call the proper scripts (to POST to different websites).

Development Blog 4.0

This week, we’ve worked on the Twitter API to ensure that we’re able to push some information out from our website. At the moment, our website would look like this when sending out information for Twitter

A simple form to be able to “POST” out to PHP, which would then handle the back-end to end up being posted on twitter.

As for facebook, I was struggling with being able to POST to facebook feeds and etc. We’ve stopped working on facebook for now as we’ve been denied of the publish_actions permissions, which allows any Facebook Apps to be abel to publish/post to the Facebook Feed.

Unfortunately, as of right now, I will be working on handling Twitter and posting any tweets to twitter. Then later on coming back to facebook trying to meet the simple requirements to then get the information to be able to get the publish_actions permissions.

Development Update 3.0

Hello everyone!

A very happy new year to all. It is 2018, and with every new year I grow a year older! This year, I’m turning 18. I’ll be able to finally get my driver’s license.

Let’s get back on track to the project. Since the last development update, I have done many things! However instead of the said PHP Login page… we’ve decided to go with just reading up and learning the basics of APIs. We’ve also accomplished connecting and using Facebook’s Graph API using their PHP SDK. Over the last week, we’ve also consolidated our project even more with the below mindmap.

The mindmap has shown us that we’re independantly working towards learning PHP in order to use the various SDK (Source development kits) to create our custom integrated post form to the multiple platforms.


Development Update 2.0

Hi all!

It’s great to pull through the common tests, and now, I’m going to be focused doing my Project work! The term break is here, and school resumes 2 Jan 2018 (The new year!!)

This week, I will be working on the following! (I figured posting embed trello cards ;which is our development blog would be better!)

Login page using PHP Login (Click for more) (28 Nov 2017)

By setting up a PHP Login page, we will also learn to use oauth (Which is a protocol to interact with protected data (eg: passwords and usernames)) Afterwhich, we have planned to go straight into the development of our product.

Two papers down!; Halfway there!

Hi all!

I’ve just completed my second paper, and I’m halfway there! Two papers are left!

1. Programming (The fun one!)
2. Networking Fundamentals (This is pretty fun too!)

I’ve always thought polytechnic or higher-education was all about practicals; preparing you for that dream job you’ve worked for. I was wrong! It’s a mix of both. Ever since my first actual “lesson” in a polytechnic, I have not since then been disappointed at any of the lessons or lectures taught by a teacher there. I’ve always looked forward to the next lesson, and have found holidays to be meaningless. At least in school, I was able to talk to people, learn more things about the IT industry, and many other things!

Until then, I’m ever-ready,hopeful and excited as ever for the two final papers!
Good luck to everyone 🙂

Why I prefer Firefox Quantum over Google Chrome: A perspective.

Hi all!

Today I will be just writing about why I prefer the new Fire Fox quantum over google chrome. As a IT Student, I try to keep up to date to tech news and any new products that may come out. Here’s a quick comparison between the two browsers


  • Simple neat design
  • Fast loading
  • Slow start up
  • Saves all recent visted page in history (longer to find)
  • No drag-and-drop for settings icon,etc

FireFox Quantum

  • Great feel with the new design
  • Fast start-up
  • Faster loading (60% faster)
  • 30% more memory efficient
  • Saves all the recent visited pages on new tab section (and in history)
  • Able to drag-and-drop customize to my liking
  • In-built screenshot
  • In-built send-to-device tab (I can send a tab to my IPhone’s Firefox Quantum)
  • Search to multiple search-engines (url input)

I really really really love how FireFox feels and works out for me. Start-up time is super important to me because I love to quickly start my browser use it, then close it and the cycle repeats whenever I need to use my browser again. Chrome is just getting slower over time. I’d recommend you to try out Firefox Quantum!.